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Tom Marker?

After I first saw news that Tom Marker was let go from WXRT, I still heard him on the radio and was hopeful it was misinformation. That lasted until Wednesday. In his place last night was Johnny Mars. Tom's Bio page is still on the WXRT website but he is not in the list of On-Air talent. Has there been any official word of Tom's status, yet? This makes me very sad as a listener of WXRT since the 70s.
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    Monday, January 06 2014, 11:47 PM - #permalink
    Well, even though he is currently off 93XRT's airwaves, Tom Marker's name & photo still appear on 93XRT.com...for now anyway.

    However, if you wanted to learn anything about Tom or "Blues Breakers", the dreaded "Page not found" appears instead of Marker's bio on the CBS Radio-owned progressive/classic rocker's Airstaff Bios page. Hmmm...
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    Monday, January 06 2014, 09:40 PM - #permalink
    No Tom Marker and Blues Breakers at it's normal time slot this evening (9 PM 1/6/14). In fact, in the first half hour I listened, nothing about the (former?) show was even mentioned. I would have expected better from 'XRT. What an absolute embarrassment. I believe this is also the first time in over 30 years this show hasn't aired. That is monumental. Thanks a lot you idiots at CBS Radio! You picked the wrong guy to take off the air.
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    Friday, January 03 2014, 11:24 AM - #permalink
    Despite a report elsewhere, Tom Marker is still a CBS Radio employee, at least right now. That whole situation is in a state of flux. He is off the air currently, although a "Blues Breakers" 2013 wrap-up episode, hosted by Marker has yet to air and may very soon. Marker's future at WXRT has not yet been written.
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