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WGN-TV News To Celebrate 'Bulls Day' Wednesday

Tomorrow may appear on the calendar as just a regular Wednesday in December, but at WGN-TV, tomorrow will be "Bulls Day," at least on the newscasts. WGN-TV's Morning, Midday, 5:00pm and 9:00pm newscasts will all have special Bulls guests and Bulls-related features tomorrow.

On the WGN Morning News, the following Bulls segments can be seen:
7:15am - Chuck Swirsky in-studio interview
7:45am - Benny the Bull
7:55am - Luvabulls performance
8:15am - Gar Forman phone interview
8:20am - Bill Wennington in-studio game with anchors
8:55am - Luvabulls performance to close the show
TBD - The WGN Morning News will be giving away 4 tickets to the Chicago Bulls home opener game to a lucky viewer.

The WGN Midday News will feature:
11:30am - Sam Smith in-studio interview
12:25am - Luvabulls performance
12:45am - Neil Funk in-studio read sports segment, followed by interview

The WGN News at 5 will have:
5:30pm - Benny the Bulls does weather with Tom Skilling
5:40pm - Interview (Bulls player TBD)
5:50pm - Behind the scenes feature story on the Bulls by Marcus LeShock
TBD - Joakim Noah's Top 5-Song Playlist

The WGN News at 9 celebrates "Bulls Day" with:
9:45pm - Taj Gibson in-studio interview

Out of the 65 regular season games scheduled for this shortened season, WGN-TV will broadcast 14 Chicago Bulls games, with the first game for WGN-TV coming on Monday, December 26th, as the Bulls take on the Golden State Warriors in Oakland. WGN Sports will broadcast an additional six Chicago Bulls regular season games, but they will air locally only on WCIU-TV.

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