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Patti Vasquez Hired By WGN-AM To Host New Sunday Night Show

Top Chicago comedian Patti Vasquez is no longer simply a guest host, "pinch-hitter," or fill-in for WGN Radio. The station has now hired her to be a regular weekly Sunday night host, as part of its newly revamped schedule.

Each Sunday night from 11:00pm-2:00am will be "The Patti Vasquez Show," produced by Craig Collins.

On a freelance basis, she has been consistently guest-hosting open weekend evening spots on WGN-AM, especially on Sunday nights, since March of this year. This hiring of Vasquez and the placing of her name on the upcoming new schedule just makes it all official.

After many years of being a reoccurring guest on other hosts' radio programs, Patti Vasquez now has a show of her very own.

She announced the good news via her Facebook page, saying "It is official- The Patti Vasquez Show will air Sundays on WGN Radio 720 AM 11pm to 2am. Thank you everyone! Craig Collins- thrilled to be working with you. Let's see what kind of trouble we can get ourselves into...."

Patti Vasquez is a Chicago native who began her comedy career in 1995. She had decided to drop out of graduate school at Northwestern University where she was studying for her PhD in History, to try her had as a stand-up, starting out as an emcee at Zanies Comedy Club. From there, she has gone on to be one of the biggest comedians in the Chicago market and achieving some national notoriety, as well. In addition to her near-constant stand-up touring, Vasquez has done four critically-acclaimed one-woman theater shows, including her most recent one, "Lipstick Mom." In 2002, she self-released a CD of her stand-up routine, entitled "Just Call Me Peppermint." She has been seen nationally on the Oprah Winfrey's cable/satellite channel OWN as one of the stars of the show "My Life Is A Joke." Vasquez currently has a sitcom about her life in the developmental stage.

On radio, she can often be heard nationally on the syndicated "Bob & Tom Show." Locally, she was a frequent guest of Steve Cochran's WGN-AM highly-rated afternoon show, as the two stand-up comics are good friends. Vasquez has often done stand-up performances with Cochran, including his popular New Year's Eve shows.

Of course, her friend Steve Cochran is now officially back on the new WGN-AM schedule, as well, being recently named as the morning show host, beginning early next month.

For those who want to hear even more of Patti Vasquez, she will be making eight different local appearances in the next two months, doing her one-woman show and plenty of stand-up sets. Details can be found on her website, the appropriately named PattiVasquez.com.

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