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WGN-AM Reunites Wendy Snyder & Bill Leff

Looking to bring even more excitement to its revamped schedule, which begins next week, WGN-AM has hired Chicago radio veteran Wendy Snyder. Starting September 3rd, she will co-host alongside Bill Leff, WGN Radio's 9:00am-Noon weekday shift.

The move reunites the popular radio couple from the mid-1990s. Snyder -- who also co-hosted radio talk shows with Garry Meier, Steve Dahl, Buzz Kilman, and Tony Fitzpatrick -- was teamed up with a then-little known local comedian named Bill Leff in 1994 on WLUP-FM.

It began as a weekend show, where Snyder was paired up with various local comics. When she was heard with Leff, the on-air chemistry between the two was instantly noticeable... and almost magical. WLUP-FM management then made the pairing official, moving "The Wendy & Bill Show" to weeknights. Less than two years later, the duo were hired by WKQX-FM to be Q101's new morning team.

In the two years they were the morning show hosts at Q101, Snyder and Leff built up great ratings and a deeply loyal fanbase. It has been said often that had the station's management not removed them to make room for Mancow Mueller's shock jock morning show in 1998, "The Wendy & Bill Show" would still be going strong today and be the ratings powerhouse that WTMX-FM's "Eric & Kathy Show" currently is.

Since separating in the later 1990's, Snyder and Leff have only reunited for two brief moments, once on the podcast SnydeRemarksRadio -- the regular Internet show done by Wendy Snyder and her husband Jimmy "Mac" McInerney -- and once as a week of fill-in shows for the syndicated "Kevin Trudeau Show" in 2011. Even after all the years apart, the two showed instant chemistry with those reunions. Much more of the same is expected with their new WGN-AM radio show.

Although previously known as "The Wendy & Bill Show," the WGN-AM show will be called "Bill & Wendy."

Wendy Snyder has been working in radio since 1985. Most recently, she has been heard on WLS-AM since 2006, delivering traffic reports for the station's morning shows. She exited that role at the end of last week.

UPDATED 6:30pm with additional information.

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